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Hobby Planet

A World of Activity

Coherent Visual

Makers of Active Server Paint and NewWorld3D ActiveX components.

AB Group

Multimedia Kiosk Development


High-quality handcrafted knives


Online version of PC Week magazine

Infoworld Electric

Online version of Infoworld magazine

Electronic Commerce Association (ECA)

Organization to promote Internet commerce

FREE Computer Help Free computer professional help with a reply via e-mail within 24 hours

FREE C/net Computer Product Finder You can find any computer product on the Net by product or company name Free search of over 134.000 ads from 24 major cities newspapers

Technology Information Center KnowledgeBase Free Access to 1000's of telecommunication and computer organizations worldwide

FREE Fax-On-Demand Your Own Exclusive Fax-On-Demand for 2 months

FREE Fax via Internet Free Fax via Internet throughout USA and internationally

FREE Fax Via E-Mail Free fax via e-mail from Faxaway

FREE e-mail and URL forwarding Very usefull for people or companies who are changing them often

Juno Free e-mail service

Graphic E Free multimedia e-mail software that allows to send and receive e-mail with graphics, animation, sounds effects and music

FREE Internet Access FreeNets throughout USA

Search Tool Your all-in-one search page from Science Universe (12 search engines)

Web Page Analyser Free HTML and spelling page checking

FREE E-Reminder Valuable service to remind people about birthdays, anniversaries or appointments

Remind Me! Another e-mail reminder service

FREE Internet Address Finder Free address finder by e-mail or name. Almost 4 million listings.

Four 11 Another Free similar service

FREE Dictionary Free 10 languages dictionary

FREE Translations! Free translations from or to German, Spanish, French, English and Italian

FREE Photo Scanning Free 5 photo scans

FREE Films and Video A Free service for junior and senior high schools

Open NTTP sites Free full listing of public news servers

365 TV-FREE Activities 365 TV- Free activities you can do with your children.

The Internet Link Exchange Service Free banner advertising on hundreds of web sites.

The YPN Resume-O-Matic Free on-line resume service with opportunity to send it to different industries

FREE Advice on any subject

FREE Cyber Course On-line training workshop for new Internet users

FREE Newsletter Receive a Free copy of a newsletter on any subject from the Newsletter Library

FREE Search for Lost Friends


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